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? this global economy. certainly, ups is a definite no whether to where we are headed. right now, checking out stocks. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole: the dow jones industrials down about 28 points. not to off the unchanged line. there is this wait and see mode today. the last trading days have been up more than 100 trading points. the volatility is back. it has been the name of the game since may 22. we heard that tapering maybe in the future. right now everyone is just waiting to see what the fed really has to say. the language is so key here. everyone is waiting to see. right now you can see that the dow is down just slightly. lori: you summed it up beautifully for us. we will get one of the most federal reserve statements ever and less than an hour. will we get any clue as to when tapering will begin? thank you so much for joining us. what are you expecting to hear from the fed today? >> i expect no change. the statement is key. i will look for the labor market. is this the best that we are going to get? if, yes, i expect the taper to put off. lori: o
and the effect on the stock market in t e we have to ask ourselves this economy ready. therthey see bernanke steppi bak saying it will not happen immediately but it is going tt happen. it has the investors very concerned. charles: and economy bumping along at 2% per year, is it worth it? >> we should not lose sight of the fact ben bernanke, is reected the most basic level the economy is improving. we are not facing the crisis we have faced for so many years now. reacting to what the meanings of these things are, but i choose to see it as the cup half full, getting the worst behind us. which is very encouraging news. charles: at them, what do you make the idea of the stock market should come down ha and fast what is suppodly good news. >> veryone who is in the market has to choose what it is they are interested in as an invest please send i am an investor. i don't carehat happens today or yesterday with my personal investment in the way i approach the market, that is somebody else's problem. those people i am not saying they'rr using poor judgment or acting irrationally, i choe to understand
anticipated meeting on the economy. and the result of that meeting could affect your retirement savings, your ability to sell your home, buy a home, your 401(k), your cash. the list goes on and on. as we know, everyone sits with bateed brea bated breath waiting for the voice of ben bernanke. christine roman, good to see you. we're hoping you can translate some of the fed speak in language we can all digest. i know this is your beat. tell me, we're awaiting this statement. what will you be listening for? >> what we know is we have seen the statement. we know there's no change in the amount of bonds the fed is going to keep buying, that stimulus into the economy. no change in its interest rate target. really i would say overall no change from the fed right now. and that is what so many people wanted to know. will the fed chief, will ben bernanke, continue to stimulate the economy. they're putting $85 billion every single month right into the economy by making these bond purchases. what we can tell you, the statement from the fed, that's going to stay the same. they are not announcing how, when,
: when you make of this economy? >> we are t doing well. as he said, unemployment remains very high, double digits or comprehensive measures of unemployment gerri: one of te little secrets ofhii economies that interest rates are so low that if you're a senior or avior in 10 favor, you're getting othing for your ney. that a strike would have a big stick what e fed does. everyone credit cards, car loans, higher. it is going to go there to interest rates are going through the roof. let's say that you have an adjustable rate mogage by the interest rates. >> that is a prolem that we want to havesan economy tt is growing so rapidly. a lot of pople need to understand how we need to slow it down. rri: douglas holtz eakin, thank you for coming on. we are so pvileged to know you. thank you. "two cents more" on what will happen when the fed makes its decision, if it does me at the end of the show. later in the show, we'll be speaking with te former state victims adcate from conneccut. she ll b us the latest in the fight to bri the charity dollars to those who need it following that sdy hook sh
of the day, which is creating jobs and turning the economy round. that's what the republican party needs to focus on, is getting us back on the right economic road to recovery and making sure americans remember we need to restore the american dream. our current administration is not about that. they're about saying sit back, we'll take care of you and allow you to live and we'll enable you to live a substandard life. we need to put the focus back on that. >> so, what is this all about? forgetting the american dream, common road. we're hearing all these kind of trigger words and language here. sarah palin you know being critical of the obama administration. no surprise there. but what is at the root of what this you know, freedom or this faith and freedom forum is all about in the first place and is it just preaching to the choir or is a message, a common message really resognating? reaching the conservative following? >> about a week before president obama's election in 2008, he said that we were a week away from fundamentally transforming america here, so what's at stake is american exc
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they may buy back bonds later this year because the economy in their view could be improving. this has all kinds of implications especially for interest rates. they kept artificially low fuelling the rebound of real estate prices for instance they helped fuel the slow recovery. >> i think the market is saying the fed believes this economy to be stronger than we do. but we don't believe you that if you take away the stimulus this economy won't be able to stand on its own two feet. until we see otherwise we are going to be concerned that this low trajectory economy can be at risk of dangerous down draft. >> we knew it would impact sometime that the fed would have to dial back on the bond buying spree 85 billion a month taking the foot off the it was pedal. the food news these can lead to buying opportunities. may be something of a rebound today. dow futures are up. >> doug luzader live in washington, thank you. >> it is the first day of summer and we are kicking it off with extreme weather. >> maria molina is in our weather center tracking heavy rains in parts of the country. hi maria. >> go
the president and his counter parts turned their attention to the global economy. >> i'm pleased to join these leaders to announce the launch of negotiations on a new trade agreement. >> the economy is not the only topic at the g8. the civil war in syria is expected to dominate talks, including president obama's meeting with russian president vladimir putin. putin opposes president obama's plan to give military assistance to rebel forces, calling the fighters barbarians. >> are these the people you want to support? are they the ones yo you want to supply with weapons? >> if the meeting between the two countries wasn't icy enough, the white house is facing questions about allegations the u.s. spied on russia leaders at a previous global summit. >> britain's guardian newspaper said the intelligence was found in classified documents edward snowden leaked. the paper says at the 2009 g20 summit in london the u.s. intercepted messages from the last russian president. it's no secret the u.s. and russia spy on each other but now it will make it harder to find common ground. >> the guardian says
into the economy each month. >> gradually reducing the pace of purchases. >> reporter: the second, overnight thursday bad news from china. manufacturing production fell. the economy isn't growing as fast as it had been. the pros say this was bound to happen after months of gains and record highs. in fact, the fed pulling back is a sign the economy is getting better. >> there's no fear or panic going on. we know it's going to be a nice, slow, orderly process to see if our economy can stand on its own again. >> stocks were only part of the bad news. a metal meltdown. gold, the filter is dropping like a rock, losing a quarter of the value this year. don't be afraid to peek at your 401(k). after yesterday's dramatic drop, the dow was up 12.5% this year. >> everything was moving yesterday. interest rates on treasury bonds hit a two-year high. higher mortgage rates, higher car payments could be around the corner. don't despair. stock futures in the u.s. are up a little bit so far. we'll keep monitoring it. >> you used a swear word before we went on air. >> i did. i said darn, that was a horrible d
getting used to it. the headline from china, credit crunch has eased and the economy is clearly slowing than that will affect us. the headline from washington, food stamps killed the farm bill. too many cuts for the democrats, not enough the republicans. the first day of summer, the longest day of the year and "varney & company" is about to begin. >> look at that. good morning, "varney & company" viewers, today is friday, june 21st, yes, the summer solstice. more than 20,000 pagan losers gathered at stonehenge in southern england welcoming in the new season. and they do it every year. and mostly for drug related offenses, there we go. we showed you. and ben reversed the 30-year long decline in interest rates and markets have been feeling it for two days, look where we'll open, a modest bbunce nor the dow, 50, 60 points after a 560 point loss in two days and now look at gold. a huge selloff there, back up maybe 7 bucks at 1293. most important of all. interest rates, look at the yield on the 10-year treasury bond. we're up to 240 over the past couple of days and that's where we are today
of money they're pumping into the economy each month. >> we will ease the pressure on the accelerator by gradually reducing the pace of purchases. >> reporter: the second, overnight thursday, bad news from china. manufacturing production fell for the first time in eight months. a sign that one of the world's most powerful economies isn't growing as fast as it had been. the pros on wall street say this was bound to happen after months of gains and record highs. and in fact, the fed pulling back might be a good sign that the economy's getting better. >> there is no fear. there is no panic that's going on. but i think we do know that it's going to be a nice slow, orderly process to see if our economy can stand on its own again. >> reporter: that doesn't make yesterday any prettier, and stocks were only part of it. a metal meltdown. 2 1/2-year lows for gold and silver. gold, the shelter from the storm in the recession, is dropping like a rock, losing a quarter of its value to far this year. don't be too afraid to peek at your 401(k). even after yesterday's dramatic drop, the dow was up mo
within the economy. you point out that highs in his -- house is a primary beneficiary. the fed is as responsible for managing as they are for anything else. to the extent that they're looking to manage the bubble that has formed, whether it be equities, the form of stocks, housing, absolutely. this is part and parcel with the context for the fed is basically saying at some point we're going to have to pull the punch bowl away from the party. it looks like sooner than later, and this speaks to that. ashley: from an investor's point of view given the volatility in stopping this, you expected will continue through the summer, what can you do as an investor to play in this environment? >> in this type of environment you want to manage risk. that is the first quarter of the day. you want exposure. and if you have the decisions that you feel compelled and meet your objectives, you can hold on to them and hopefully there are dividend payers and certainly they have a very consistent track record in terms of equity performance and driving revenue top and bottom line growth. expose yours
it a turn around in a sign maybe the global economy is turning ? >> i do not aee. i think when revenues drop, there are all sts of ways that customers as we've seen, that can impact the bottomine, by one, just being mere efficient. -- more efficientbut what a revenue dropsith a fedex or ups that is a sign of the economy not only flat lining but continui to slide down, that is why i think that we're going to be in trouble. yo know come next few months. ne: dave, topine thing begins top out, watc watch out. >> a gd news-bad news thing with them, revenueas up a little bit but not to exctations, and on thatront, i wld say, yeah that is not a good signal about the economy. not a big beats. neil: but. down a broad. -- abroad. >> it was down. neil: speaking of a quagme not getting any less qaagi e . >> you are right. >> here is the thing. using technology to drive costs out. the math they continue to do that that is a good sign because everything needs to do that. neil: l right, if at first you don't succeed find a better way to get them tpend, walmart all but admitting be on visa, temping to dislo
this in your opening, that if the economy continues to improve, it means that the fed's impulse is no longer necessary to sustain the economy. >> it would just go on and on. it would continue to grow. the fed has learned from its past. no better than ben bernanke. so they have studied very closely the mistakes of the fed in the past. a world of difference between ben bernanke and that of allen greenspan. that is disclosure. he never would have told us what he was planning to do several months from now. people exiting bonds now, people exiting stocks at the same time, people choose one of those asset classes over the other. >> you have been talking about bond prices, which can fall. they are moving out of long-term bonds. they are good generally for the stock market. this is a wonderful buying opportunity. stocks are not overpriced. it is what is overdone. people should recognize that stocks remain. gerri: looking for some bargains out there. home care workers are now being seen as a huge untapped resource. they are aggressively trying to organize it. unions and many democratic lawmakers say
's largest democracies gather, they focus on the global economy. this year's meeting comes at a precarious time in the syrian civil war. seven g8 countries on one side, country number eight, russia, on the other. >> arriving on a golf retreat to northern ireland, president obama had to leave his clubs stateside and immediately get down to business. finding common ground with russia on syria. both leaders admitted they disagree how to deal with syria. but putin went out of his way to endore the idea of a negotiated settlement. >> we have different perspectives on the problem, but we do share the desire to reduce violence, securing chemical weapons. >> translator: we want to stop the violence in syria, stop the growth of victims, and to solve the situation peacefully, by including coming to the negotiation table in geneva. >> reporter: putin's words today, decidedly more measured than yesterday, when he met with prime minister david cameron. >> translator: we shouldn't back those who kill their enemies and eat their organs. >> reporter: president obama comes to the summit, fizz trip to europ
that pitted him against his unlikely challenger in 2014. tough economy, we're talking about jobs in the state here. you're talking about somebody who molloy has made clear he might have his eye on the national stage a little bit. he has to get by in 2014. how does this issue affect him with perry coming in and maybe losing gun jobs a little bit. >> it's a choice he's going to have to make. between jobs and votes, really. when it comes down to it. i think he wins on the vote side. the national attention on this issue and at least in the northeast, perry will be vilified. i would love to see him meet up with chris christie. >> nobody is going to say that this year. >> it's a delicate balance that he's going to have to walk. i'm sure the nra is going to be going after him should some of these manufacturers leave. so, it's clearly an important calculation for perry to strengthen his national credential. ultimately i think molloy will be fine because he'll be fine on this issue and he'll bet support from around the country. >> i wonder how the et voers in connecticut would feel about it because th
, are very focused on trying to restore the faith in government, as well as their faith in the economy. >> canter said he believes the recent hearings on capitol hill, many launched by his fellow republicans, will not only help gain clarity on controversies but prevent similar controversies in the future. >>> big dad of big business and big government. according to apple, federal, state and local authorities made between 4,000 and 5,000 data requests about apple users in the last seven months alone. anchor of "your money."is the so, do we know how many of these were related to national security? >> no, we don't know exactly how many were related to national security. what companies say is they can only tell us all federal, state and local law enforcement is 4,000 to 5,000 requests covering accounts or devices. but what we do know, apple says most of these are related to typical police work. what do we mean by that? missing persons and looking for someone with alzheimer's and trying to prevent a suicide and mreesz crime investigations like cyberstalking and the like. that i what most o
said was that if the economy continues to grow at the pace that it is he may start trimming that bond-buying program by the end of the year. not that he's going to stop it all together. not that they're going to sell their enormous balance sheet. nothing like that. they just may start trimming it. that sent the market absolutely reeling. and it shows you that this unprecedented program that has been started by ben bernanke, the dismount from this, isn't going to be pretty. >> let's look at this a different way. if bernanke is talking about easing off the stimulus even a little bit, d ton that mean the economy is improving? isn't there some good news here? >> it's true. it does mean that. but if you look around the funds are better but they're not that strong. we got some jobs numbers today that were pretty good, some housing numbers, existing home sales that were good. but the problem is that as he gets out, people sell bonds, interest rates go up, that will hurt the housing market because that's been one of the main things that has helped housing rebound is this this idea you could b
news that we need to know. big day for the economy. >> it is "b" day, ben bernanke, deciding how long to keep up propping up the economy, is the economy strong enough to stand on its own? wall street nervous, the dow posted triple-digit moves, you guys, past six sessions, dow futures up 29 points right now. brand new cnn/orc poll most americans say the economy is in poor shape and when it comes to people's finance more pessimism. 44% say they're financially worse off than a year ago, only 36% say they're better off. no improvement from last year, no improvement. the stock market is up 13% and there's no improvement from last year. >> she's getting emotional about it. she's got a frog in her throat. >> cnn money released a list of best places to launch a business, montana, vermont, new mexico, and if you want to launch a business there you go. >> i'm thinking north dakota, i did a piece in north dakota about the fracking industry and how it's booming. lowest unemployment. >> the lowest unemployment in the country is in north dakota. i hear it's lovely this time of year. >> not a lot of
talking about policy. we're not saying we don't like the economy. we're not saying it's this one program. we don't trust you. >> reporter: and that becomes a huge problem for a progressive presi"ent who needs to tell people, let me use the government to make you) life better. if you don't trust him, his disapproval rating is up and you think government is too big -- 6 in 10 americans now think government is too big, that he can't manage it effectively. this is like a political version of an underwater mortgage, if you will. his disapproval is above 50. people don't trust the government. you look at this coming out, is he trustworthy? 49% say yes. that's up 58% since just last month. so he's taking a hit. something has americans stoppint and saying, hey, wait a minute. when you're early second term with the midterms just around the corner, don't invest in one poll, but if you're president and you know the clock is ticking, that's trouble. >> it's one thing about the nsa or about a policy, but if it's whether or not he's believable, it makes it difficult to come back, even it's just one po
putting money back into our economy, then, you know, i think that republicans, they're not necessarily -- they're being a little bit disingenuous by pretending this is going to cost us, whether it costs our values, cost us morally like you're talking about, or cost us economically, which it's not. >> some people have some confusion about what social security works. you don't save for your own retirement. today's workers pay in which pays for today's retirees. we are in this circumstance with the baby boomers, they are retiring. if what we must have in order to make this solvent and work is more people. we also need more people and more people paying more into it. but this is, in fact, part of the solution. >> but talking about that would underscore the fact that we are in this together. which is really at the crux of this immigration debate. >> another way in which you see this is the struggle over health care for immigrant. and i say this, i'm a proud naturalized u.s. citizen, i'm an immigrant to this country and a daughter of an immigration lawyer. this is an issue very dear to my he
be the thing to happen for the united states government and the economy and it's been barely a ripple. heads of state oftentimes make symbolic sacrifices even if they don't balance the budget right away. the president can say i am not going to take a vacation. i'm going to stop golfing. but he has done none of that. the trappings that come with the american presidency. michelle and obama were going to take a safari and there would have to be a sniper team. when t.r. went to africa he carried his own gun and protected himself from a lot of animals. in fact the animals need protection from him. bill: 14 limousines, 3 trucks loaded with bulletproof glass to cover the windows of the hotel where the first family is staying. >> this is bigger than barack obama. if people are concerned about this they have to look at the travel of across net secretaries when they go overseas. bill: you set the example. you show people what you are doing and say this is how we are cutting back. can you give us one example how the white house has cut back since sequestration has cut back? >> they cut off the tours. p
to have economies that are working for all people, not just those at the very top. >> today we got many comments from our facebook community about the president's big speech in berlin. where he spoke from the brandenburg gate just as president kennedy did some 50 years ago this month. doug says thank god for giving us leaders like the kennedys, clinton clintons, and obama. abby says i think it's a great honor for our president to speak where another great president did fighting for the same cause. equality. gregory says president obama always represents us well. and with his beautiful family traveling with him, even better. we want to hear what your thoughts are on the president's speech or anything else. please head to facebook and search "politicsnation" and like us to join the conversation that keeps going long after the show ends. i turned 65 last week. the math of retirement is different today. money has to last longer. i don't want to pour over pie charts all day. i want to travel, and i want the income to do it. ishares incomes etfs. low cost and diversified. find out why nine ou
parkts do markets down 1 to 3%. this is the world reacting to the economy being well enough so they can pull back sometime next year. >> can i ask a stupid question? >> what's your stupid question. >> first of all, if the economy is doing better, and we all knew the stimulus is temporary, why is this such a surprise? >> that is a great question, because this is exactly what everyone said they thought would happen, that the fed would say stimulus is going to continue, but they would give a road map for how it would be tamped down. that's exactly what happened. the nagging worries you still see in global markets. record unemployment in europe. china's factory output is the slowest in nine months. last year china's growth was the slowest in 13 years, and there's this worry that if you have no fed in the u.s., you have no growth. look how much money the fed has been pumping into the system. you have the fed's balance sheet that has exploded and you still only have 2% growth in the u.s. if you've got china slowing and the fed pulling back at the same time, what is that going to mean for mark
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to the economy and the stock market when that happens. >>> health care prices are going up. costs rise 6.5% next year. that includes doctor visits, drugs, surgery, prices are rising faster than inflation. that's not a news flash. here is the good news. this year, prizes rose 7.5%. it's because people are becoming more cost conscious. they are cutting down on doctor visits and choosing cheaper providers. >>> coming up, cliff rescue. two teenage boys stranded at the top of the cliff and they had no way down. we'll show you the rescue caught on camera. look at that. it's coming up next. the first time i saw a sony 4k tv, it was like opening my eyes. it's four times the detail of hd. colors become richer. details become clearer. which for a filmmaker, changes everything. because now there are no more barriers between the world that i see and the ones i can show you. the sony 4k ultra hd tv. >>> defending the nsa, president obama on the record about why the controversial surveillance program isn't as invasive as you think. >>> wildfire warning. hundreds of firefighters battle flames in california thi
that way. njust being a traitor he would be abetting the economy. >> you can make a case releasing all of this stuff make its harder for the nsa to track terrorist. >> i thought someone was trying to restrain you. nprobably someone else in the audience. >> bang, zoom. >> i can arrange a meeting with you and bill can set a meeting you and bill and you could pick his brain about some stuff. >> yeah, sure. that would be a dream. >> i don't think that dave was hanging on bill's every word. >> when have i ever been wrong? >> you think dave buried a hatchet because he realized bill is right about most things? >> i think he was just being positi polite. >> a lot of kindness, handholding. >> a little later we'll sing kumbaya. >> some intelligent points about the nsa. >> yeah. it's kind of common knowledge really. >> you can't really say i want to read the e-mail of everyone in iowa, you can't do that. >> you know, that's not a bad idea. all right. >> really delivering the goods tonight. >> made a lot of assertions and seemed really confident. >> when you are that right all the time, it's easy
of problemsn our society and in our economy right now. i do not doubt that people do want to hear this. i think it is unrealistic of them to one congress or individual congresspeople to be their heroes. the system just isn't set up for this collective body to produce a hero. i don't thk there are any easy swers to the problem might not. neil: no one was expecting is. no one wasxpecting it at all. so maybewe stuled upon it when we least expect t. >> i agree with adam. i think th they'reur heroes ou the. and they do show up in the campaign trail and they are wrote. when they get into the system, someththing turn some away from what they intendedtt do when they first set out the. neil: wat do you think? >> i think that the sytem is set up for them not to erge as heroes. that is not a bad thing. we elect them to go to washington and fight for us. i agree that things are not working well ase wish that they would. but it is goi to be confroational. it is going to e messy. it is not set up for one person to rise up and say, i will solve all of this for you. >> we have had a lot of people do this. >>
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and they went away and went right back on their i-phones when the economy picked up again. here is a young man who is, you know, doing an act of civil disobedience and is fully expecting to take the confidence kwe kwenss no different than dr. martin luther king did. >> what is the difference do you think in the world, i'll ask tom and then go to wendy, in the world he lived in and grew up in. she mentioned dr. martin luther king. what is the difference now for someone who is a millennial to think it is okay to give away these government secrets and for this intelligence? is it something that he doesn't know about the world or something that he does know about the world because of the information age we live in? >> my opinion what i've heard him say publicly makes me think he is politically about as ignorant as anybody i've ever heard and naive. >> you think he is naive. >> extremely naive. so to think that he should save the world himself by giving up confidential information or breaking the law, you know, we have 800 thousand plus people in this country with top-secret clearance with access t
promised to improve iran's wilting economy and reduce unemployment, which topped 15%. in what could be a key overture to the west, he promised to reduce international tensions over iran's nuclear program. the white house says it remains ready to engage with the iranian government directly. >>> it was a violent night in istanbul, turkey. turkish security forces stormed gezi park, using water cannons and tear gas to force antigovernment protesters out of the park and into side streets. and after hours of fighting, we see this, gezi park completely clear and clean. turkish prime minister erdogan says he plans a counterdemonstration today after the antigovernment message that was sparked over the past two weeks. >>> russia is warning the u.s., enforcing a no-fly zone over syria to help rebel forces could violate international law, but the white house has not decided on establishing a no-fly zone, an idea thrown out there by some republicans. president obama's deputy national security adviser says the fighting between rebel forces and the assad regime is so intermingled, it's not a probl
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conversations than i'm equipped for, because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your future? we'll help you get there. >>> the president continues his overseas trip today. this afternoon he landed in berlin for a 24-hour visit and talks with german chancellor. and a speak at the city's iconic brandenburg gate. while he is away, the republican scandal machine is in overdrive here at home. but the president is fighting back. in a new interview, he goes right after his critics on the nsa controversy. >> what i can say unequivocally is that if you are a u.s. person, the nsa cannot listen to your telephone calls. and the nsa cannot target your e-mails. >> have not? >> and have not. they cannot and have not by law and by rule. >> so when i hear you saying i have no problem with what the nsa has been doing. >> well, let me finish, because edon't. so wha
bunker and also coming in michael jackson and as the century moved to its conclusion with the economy booming, it was madonna, the material girl, and then bruce springsteen, and in the easterly le 21st century, this century of ours in the aftermath of 9/11, it was all about trying to hold things together, especially our families and our american eye korn became husband, a father, a guy from jersey, a crime boss. his name, tony soprano. james lipton is the host of bra bravo's inside the actors study and paul farry is with "the washington post." i want to start with about tony soprano and jam gandolfini's portrayal. he was just a guy trying to hold a family together. an early first season episode he was on a car trip to visit prospective colleges with his daughter, meadow. soprano confronts him about his line of work. listen here, she does. >> are you in the mafia? >> am i in the what? >> whatever you want to call it? organized crime. >> that's total crap. who told you that? >> dad, i have lived in the house all my life. i have seen police come with warrants. i have seen you going out a
have got to ask you because you hinted at this. the fact that in fact the economy is not doing as well as the fed suggested and as well as the market would indicate. do you think we're going to have a lousy earnings season this summer? >> yes. i think second-quarter earnings, particularly for tech stocks where they have the big international exposure, a lot of them missed earnings. and were given kind after pass. oracle missed again last night. these big, big software and server companies who shhuld be in the heart of all the technological demand going on right now, are all seeing lower year-over-year results. that's not good. david: yeah. fleckenstein capital president, bill fleckenstein. he always loves the counter place. we love to have him on. we have breaking news from jo ling kent. what is it, jo? >> that's right. joseph @ bank confirms they're psyching potential act with savings their company. what is interesting here joseph a. bank had reinvention, not just but in 1999, since then, their shareholder value reports.d 5700% according to so they're looking for an acquisition to fac
are underwater or eager to buy, highr rates could hurt the housing recovery helping the broader economy. one report this week had individual investors throwing in the ttwel on 17 # billion in bond fund investments. before you giv in, remember this, the high education ever mortgage rates acording to freddie mack back in early october of 81. 18.6%. hey, things could be worse. that's my two cents more. that's all for toight's willis report. hahave a grea >> who do you trust from the leader you a supposed to trus may be can't he trusted? president obama: when it comes to telephone calls nobody's listening to your telepho calls. that is not for this program is about. charles: tonight the proof the government i listening in and that's exactly what the nsa ogram is all about. welcome, everybody, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. the documents show the nsa is listening in on phone calls and collecting e-mails from ornary americans and worse yet it is holding onto these recordings for five years. reason magazine says it is tough
and says the fed is go ease up on buying bonds. the reason is because the economy is getting strong enough to stand on it's own. if the economy is better, why would the market tank like this? >> people don't ever want to think, you know what, i can do better in bonds than stocks. a lot of people are hiding in stocks. good dividends, good yield. the bond market is safer so they're selling stocks to buy bonds and people who are in bonds are freaking out too because they think the fed is no longer going to support them. there's uncertainly everywhere. >> the bigger picture here, it's about interest rates. historically low for a long time and now interest rates are going to go up. do you think right now, if your opinion, is the economy strong enough right now to with stand the concept of money getting more expensive. >> yes. yes, it is. doesn't seem like it because we don't have the employment growth we want but at the same time we have a lot of industries doing really strong. i wish our foreign trading partners -- i wish china was doing better, and europe was doing better. we're the strongest
harmed the iranian economy. and one way of doing that, perhaps, is having a smooth negotiator who might help ease sanctions. but easing sanctions by coming to some sort of arrangement with the west does not mean an end to their nuclear program, and that's the supreme interest that we in the united states, all of us in the west have in making sure that this uniquely aggressive regime doesn't get nuclear weapons. so to bamboozle ourselves into thinking that rouhani is a figure who has authority and who will reach a modus vivendi with the united states, i think, is dangerously self-deceptive. and everyone is calling this guy a moderate. you know, there were nazi moderates. there are moderates in any political spectrum. he is a creature of the regime. jenna: jim, your final thoughts on this. >> yeah. i'd love to be able to get some points in here on this. his policy, and he would acknowledge this, repeatedly has called for the bombing of iran, so it's no shock to me that suddenly when there's a chance that there might be progress in a negotiation, he's throwing a million talking points and
and tomorrow and ben bernanke intends to pull back on the stimulus giving the economy. your 401(k) and your money depend on that guy right there. stay tuned. >>> chrysler has until midnight to decide whether it will recall 2.7 million jeeps. the government asked them to recall because of problems in the fuel tank that could cause a fire in rear end crashes. chrysler says we're not going to. tonight is the deadline. if chrysler does not agree to the recall the government then has to have public hearings and they can try this involuntary recall route and eventually has to take chrysler to court. >> can you explain that to me briefly. why is that a good pr move? is it a financial move? sounds bad. >> some watchdogs say it would be millions of dlafrz for them to have to recall all of these things, some of these model years are a little bit older but chrysler is determined not to recall these jeeps. they say that if there's a crash it's because the speed of the crash, not the design of the fuel tank. the government disagrees. >> that's the key. christine just told you they don't believe the text
immigration enriches our economy and pat ramone or not? are you trying to get in "time" magazine, like chuck schumer, this week is the master deal-maker. do you sell out the public policy interest to the country? >> the real practical question, we have been talking about immigration reform now for so long. we have seen it die in congress before. we watched it die six or seven years ago. roberto, to hear you talk about all the imperfections of this bill, they are glaring, absolutely. i mean, we call these things compromise. part of compromise, there are awful things that get in these bills. i wonder at this point, is it something you would say, sink this bill over, for instance, the -- not the cornyn amendment but -- like rubio -- >> the overall legislation, as rick said, is very represses ive in its essence. the gang of eight, bipartisan consensus, will do nothing, absolutely nothing, to ameliorate the worst parts of immigration policy as far as persecuting, prosecuting, jailing, deporting, rating, terrorizing, killing immigrants. nothing except add $6 billion to increase border enforcement,
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